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Azure App Services Series – Finding #5: Changing the order of connectors in your Logic APP not possible in designer view

This blog post is one of many of a series we have about Microsoft Azure App Services. See a list of all our findings here.


Developing Logic Apps requires you to put a chain of API apps in place. This chain can of course be changed.
The reasons why this chain could be changed could be

  • An API app has changed.
  • A connector is not working anymore
  • The connector is not required anymore
  • The flow has changed and therefore maybe the order of API apps.
  • etc.

Some of the points in the list above such as if a connector is still working or not can be monitored by Integration Manager.

The Problem

The designer the current state of Logic Apps is offering does not offer drag and drop and therefore changing the order of API apps or inserting a new API app in between is not possible.

The Solution

Luckily for us the designer view is not the only view available the Logic App designer offers – we also have the code view. You can achieve changing the order of API apps / connectors in your Logic App by changing the JSON workflow definition.

To learn more about the Workflow definition click here.

What we would like is of course the possibility to drag and drop the different connectors and put them in the order we want instead of needing to change the JSON workflow definition.